Her grandmother’s house

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer, Art Direction, Styling by Romane Riquier. Models are 
Alexis Catry, Louis Devos and Louis Soenen. The story was taken at her grandmother’s house, Romane Riquier’s photographs clearly evoke questions of identity and gender. The Beauty series of photographs highlights what is no longer registered, namely those codes initially attached to gender, like a chasm between what defines and separates masculinity from femininity. These gulfs no longer widen, they span each other.

Photographer, Art Direction, Styling by Romane Riquier / Instagram : @romanellar
Models are
Alexis Catry / Instagram : @filsderos
Louis Devos / Instagram : @louudev
Louis Soenen / Instagram : @pale_boy1
Makeup and hair by
Florine Hidden / Instagram : @florinehiddenmua
Alexina Malfait  / Instagram : @alexinamua
Tess Callaert / Instagram : @Tesscllrt_mua
Assistant is Marianne Irigoyen / Instagram: @ancredebois

About Romane Riquier

As a visual artist, Romane Riquier likes to play tirelessly with the multidisciplinarity of mediums (writing, publishing, performance, photography, video, sound…) in order to transcribe as accurately as possible her concerns about the place the artist holds within our society in 2020.

As a fashion photographer, she maintains a more experimental and aesthetic relationship with a creation on her Instagram account, managed as a 3.0 lookbook. Once again, she takes advantage to mix several disciplines, including watercolour drawing and poetry.