Hide Out

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and creative direction by Simran Kaur. Masks and creative direction by Sophia Savagner. Movement direction by Christina Prompona. The models are Konstantina Rizou, Negme Murasaki Hito and Christina Prompona.

“Hide Out” is an extraordinary and thought-provoking artistic photoshoot that delves into the captivating concept of monsters being utterly terrified of humans. In this visually stunning collection, the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur as we venture into a realm where the roles are reversed, and the fearsome creatures of our imagination are transformed into the fearful.

Each meticulously crafted photograph in “Hide Out” tells a compelling story. Here, monstrous beings, typically depicted as harbingers of fear, anxiety, and darkness, are portrayed in vulnerable states, hiding in plain sight from the very beings they were thought to haunt. The series challenges our perceptions of monsters, inviting viewers to question whether our greatest fears might actually be shared by these enigmatic figures of lore.

Photography and creative direction by Simran Kaur / Instagram: @simran_k_01
Masks and creative direction by Sophia Savagner / Instagram: @sophia.savagner
Movement direction by Christina Prompona / Instagram: @xristinaprompona
Model is Konstantina Rizou / Instagram: @konn_ri
Model is Negme Murasaki Hito / Instagram: @negmehito.cr2
The model is Christina Prompona / Instagram: @xristinaprompona