High School Lover By MOLOKID

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Artwork by Molokid. Photography by Maximiliano Yoguel. Model is Tobias Pulido at ARagency. Styling by Ariel Fernando Ramírez.

I’m a high school lover and you’re my favourite flavour. Love is all, all my soul, you’re my playground love. Yet my hands are shaking, I feel my body remains. Time’s no matter, I’m on fire on the playground, love. You’re the piece of gold that flashes on my soul. Extra time, on the ground, You’re my Playground Love. Anytime, anywhere.
You’re my Playground Love!

Team Credit
Photographer: Maximiliano Yoguel @yoguelph
Artwork: Molokid @molokid 
Model: Tobias Pulido @tobiaspulido_ at ARagency @armodelsagency
Styling: Ariel Fernando Ramírez @arielfernandoramirezgimenez
Story: Air – Playground Love lyrics. Virgin Suicides OST