Introducing Welsh brand MAKE and its project: HOME WORKERS – Vol 1! Photography by Sebastian Bruno. MAKE is committed to a premise of adapting resourceful and imaginative new practice to unisex fashion, at the highest taste level. While the global fashion industry ties itself in ethical knots over the sustainability question, MAKE has answered back with a robust 0% waste solution. Download HOME WORKERS – Vol 1! for free HERE



Home workers is a portrait study of friends close to the MAKE brand that ‘work at home’. I don’t have any recollection of meeting Casey and Rose; our mothers were in art college together and we were toddlers.
As children and into our teens Casey, Rose and myself drew constantly without any external pressures or fixed direction for our work.

We were surrounded by a professional family and friend’s community in the Roath area of Cardiff that was wise enough not to project fixed ideas of art or timetables to follow.
Paul and Helen Horridge are Rose’s parents, Paul is the retired head of social work for the Barry area and paints every day in his home studio.
Helen to my knowledge has always worked at home and has traversed illustration, painting and performance art.
A great deal of what Helen was doing from the ’80s onwards was completely self-motivated very ahead of its time and not associated with any pre-existing artistic movement.

It was a completely domestic art-form built out of the drive to experiment with different media’s and forms including DIY costume.
Helen would dress in home-made Avant guard outfits and go into Cardiff city centre in the middle of the night on the weekend and act something out and see what happens.
Anyone who has been to Cardiff city centre on the weekend on an evening would know that this is a pretty challenging place to be, especially if you are dressed as a rubbish dump and slowly moving across the stained city centre floor at 1 am on Saturday morning.
I met Siena when I was around 18, Sienna’s aunt Babs was a TV makeup artist and worked with my father while he was a props man at HTV Cardiff.
She was maybe 14 and already had her own brand of style and was painting consistently and at volume.
Siena was from Bermondsey London and sounded like it, later when I went to college in London it was her who introduced me to dodgy after-hours drinking clubs including Pharoh’s in…
Siena exhibits her sexual/political ink paintings globally and licences prints to brands including hysteric glamour and for MAKE in 2021.

Casey is an illustrator and filmmaker
and works on large scale video music and documentary productions and the more important work of underground fanzines and experimental video.
Rose is a graphic artist and illustrator specialising in book covers and surface design.
Rose is also a seamstress and creates garments to order for everyday wear and costume with an emphasis on fine detail and hand sewing.
For Home Workers MAKE works with its immediate community in South Wales to expand the notion of ‘beauty in restriction’ a term coined by the MAKE team to reflect the action of making product from surplus materials only.
All of the artists are close personal friends as well as co-collaborators with work either in the current MAKE range or in the late 2020 offering.

All pictures were made in Wales just before the COVID-19 lockdown.

Creative direction and text: Sam Osborne make-land.com
Photography and design: Sebastian Bruno sebastianbruno.com
Instagram: @mrsbruno

Models are Rose Horridge / www.rosehorridgeart.co.uk Instagram: @rosiposi100
Helen Horridge
Paul Horridge
Casey Raymond / www.caseyraymond.com Instagram: @casey.raymond
Dr Lee Bullman
Siena Barnes / www.sienabarnes.com Instagram: @sienabarnes

All clothing by www.make-land .com / www.instagram.com/make__land