Homesick by Cristina Farrarons

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Cristina Farrarons. Model is Sia signed at Two Management Barcelona. Make up by Marta Valentí. Stylism by Fran Jiménez. Brands are Bibian Blue, Marc Juan Comunicación, Llamazares y de Delgado, Daniel Espig, Aldo Martins, Monki, Luis Pacheco, Alfredo Martínez and Burberry.

Sia inspired me to create this beautiful story, which is in fact a representation of a personal feel. Nostalgia always erases bad memories and magnifies good ones. A slow circular dance that serves to remind us that, luckily, we are also fragile.

Photography by Cristina Farrarons / Instagram: @cristina.farrarons
Photography Assistant: David Santacruz / Instagram: @dsantacruzg
Model is Sia signed at Two Management Barcelona / Instagram: @siavaleryia
Make up by Marta Valentí / Instagram:
Stylism by Fran Jiménez / Instagram: @fdefran_stylist