Hometown by Joshua Kern

Joshua Kern likes to take pictures. Joshua is  currently studying photography in  Dortmund, Germany. Kern first felt in love with photography in the end of 2015 and have carried his camera with him everywhere he went ever since. He became really obsessed with documenting everything around him.

“I was born and raised in Kaiserslautern, which is a small town in Germany. We were always a group of 5 or 6 friends and we’ve all known each other for a long time because we were always skating together. There is not much to do in our hometown, so we ended up meeting every night to hit the streets and look for a home party or something that felt exciting enough. It always felt pretty normal and we never stopped complaining about how boring everything was.”

“When I finally moved away to study, I felt really bad about pretty much everything. I realized that my love for photography wasn’t really torn to my camera but more to all these moments I’d experienced with my friends and that I couldn’t just go out with some „new“ friends and take the same pictures. There’s a different vibe in every group of friends and I had definitely lost mine. It was a hard time because everything I cared about was taking pictures and I couldn’t do that in the same way anymore.”

“I guess it’s always hard to accept loss, but it’s also very liberating. I’ve always struggled so much with change and letting things go because it felt like I was cheating on myself and all the things I believed in.”

” But I finally realized that there’s nothing bad about new things. They’re just different and most of the times even better. I mean, today I’m more in love with photography and all my old and new friends than I was back then. But it still hurts when I look at all these pictures. It hurts in a good way.”


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