How Jessie Ware Is Living Her Best Life With Her Latest Record: What’s Your Pleasure?

Nobody was expecting that English singer-songwriter Jessie Ware would release one of the best pop albums of the year. This June, her fourth and already critically acclaimed record What’s Your Pleasure? was revealed, containing a heap of amazing disco-pop anthems including the lastest single “Save A Kiss”, a seductive anthem calling you to vogue on the dance floor and seduce your lover. Following this release, we had a little chat with Jessie to find out more about how she is living her best life through this project. Interview by Ivica Mamedy @ivicamam.

Get a dirty martini ready, get your best outfit on and turn it up loud!

KALTBLUT: Hi Jessie, firstly, how do you feel to release such an incredible record during such an anxious worldwide situation?

Jessie: I’m really overwhelmed by the incredible reaction to the album from fans and critics; it been a real celebration and a wonderful distraction in this weird time.

KALTBLUT: This new album is also an important piece in your discography because you became for the second time a mum before recording it. Was it a challenging moment to make it happen?

Jessie: I already was a mum so I knew how to approach it differently this time. The time when I had my new baby allowed me to take my time and to sit with the songs, it was a really joyful process.

KALTBLUT: When I listen to this record, I feel that you had so much pleasure making it! How did you choose the producers and collaborators?

Jessie: I wanted to keep it intimate. James Ford was just down the road from me, so it meant working with him was easy and allowed me the freedom to be flexible. I loved working with old friends and also finding new fantastic collaborators.

KALTBLUT: This album is totally different than your previous ones, what were the major events or influences that made you want to make a disco revival album?

Jessie: This album was all about escapism. I wanted to create a world of fantasy and I wanted to be able to dance with my fans so disco was a no brainer for me.

KALTBLUT: Every song on the album makes me want to feel more confident, sassy and sexy. Do you feel more confident in your music and the way that you want to deliver your music at the moment?

Jessie: I feel more confident now than ever. I feel like I’ve finally found myself at the artist I should be. I’m just having lots of fun and really enjoying myself.

KALTBLUT: “Save a Kiss” is my official ‘I want to date you on the dance floor’ song. What would you say is the perfect song to seduce someone on the dance floor with?

Jessie: Montel Jordan, “Get It On Tonight”.

KALTBLUT: Your music reminds me of these disco songs in the mid-’80s where making music was such a freeing experience. Do you feel that you got this freedom with this album? Where you could be more yourself without thinking about making commercial songs for the charts or for the label?

Jessie: Yes – it was a wonderful experience for me. To see the reaction has only made me feel more confident about the choices I make in the studio and when releasing more music moving forward.

KALTBLUT: Do you feel that this album enabled you to openly support and put the queer community into the spotlight? Having all these different people in your visuals is so exciting, I feel you wanted to create a platform with your music where everyone had the chance to express themself.

Jessie: Yes, that’s been the positive thing that came out of the pandemic for me. The fact that I could ignite all my fans, amazing directors and beautiful dancers all around the world to be an important part of the storytelling of this record.

KALTBLUT: After experimenting with this sexy and sensual disco sound, what is next?

Jessie: More sex, more sensuality and more disco.

KALTBLUT: What is the best thing you can tell someone before listening to your record?

Jessie: Get a dirty martini ready, get your best outfit on and turn it up loud!

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