NICO SUTOR Fall / Winter

How To Prepare Yourself For The Fall Season

The fresh breeze, golden tree leaves, and pumpkin spice… everything! The fall season is many people’s favorite, and for good reasons too. It’s also the kickoff of the holiday season, classic wine red lips, chic coats, and elegant boots. Just as you’re about to leave the summer behind with its beach trips, iced coffee, sundresses, and colourful flip flops, you now want to start getting ready for autumn to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. So, let’s go through some changes that everyone should make to welcome a new round of the fall.

Maintain Good Health

Keep drinking water! Hydration is not exclusively reserved for hot summer days; every organ in our bodies needs ample supplies of water to function properly, so don’t drop your intake as the weather gets cooler.

On the other hand, aim to up your vitamin D game. During the fall season, temperatures drop and sunlight becomes scarce. And since our bodies absorb vitamin D through exposure to the sun, it is normal that our levels will drop as the days grow shorter. Supplementing with vitamin D would be a good idea to consider since it plays a vital role in calcium absorption and immune system enhancement.

Indulge in Superfoods

Get cooking on cooler evenings and give your system a boost with nature’s best seasonal superfoods that will not only satisfy all tastes, but can keep you healthy and warm throughout the fall and winter months.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away; apples are the perfect treat whether eaten raw or baked into a tart or pie. Rich with antioxidants and fiber, apples help the immune system fight common colds and the flu, and keep the digestive system working smoothly. For a boost of vitamin K, folate and iron, incorporate Brussel sprouts in your recipes – for perfect results, mix them up with tangy or savory sauces. And if you want to give a twist to your rice, potatoes, and soups, include a hint of parsnip; they are a very good source of potassium, and sweet to taste. You can also try cooking or poaching pears for juicy treats, for they are a great source of vitamin C. Don’t forget to discover how mouthwatering mashed cauliflower recipes can be, and benefit from their cancer fighting characteristics.

Go Autumn Chic    

As the seasons turn, trends change. And as you approach the cooler seasons, check out the latest trends and decide what you want to try. Not every fashion craze out there compliments everyone, so get your research on and examine these 38 fall outfits to see what you might like. Then go through your wardrobe and check how your items fit, how they hang on your frame, and if they need any fixing or cleaning before you can start making purchases and styling your attires. And remember, only you can decide what will work for your preferences and body shape.

Share Because You Care

As you go through your things, remember that the underprivileged are most in need when cold, harsh weather hits. Identify the items you no longer wish to wear, or that no longer fit your size or lifestyle, and set them aside. A good strategy would be to go over them one more time after you’ve organized your closet for a second thought. Take the ones you are 100% sure you no longer need, box them up, and take them to goodwill. You will not regret it, knowing that someone out there will have a warmer season because of you, and that your items will be used to fulfill their purpose.

Maintain a Beauty Regime

When the heat is on, so is sunscreen. And while you should always wear sunscreen, even during the fall, your skin care and beauty regimes should slightly change in colder winter. In addition to drinking water, your skin needs more TLC as the chilly breeze hits; opt for a good moisturizer to keep your skin fresh, and to prevent dryness and flaking.

On the other hand, and while the harsh summer sun is one of hair’s major enemies, fall is the time to trim away those split ends and choose a chic, relaxed hairstyle, without fear of summer frizz.

When you are adding a touch of color, opt for darker lipsticks and simpler eyeliner styles. Winter loves deep reds, dark berries, and chocolate browns. You can also give your nails a twist with darker shades of blue, olive, maroon, brown and black.

Get Your Home Autumn Ready

As you prep yourself for fall, don’t neglect your nest. Clear out leaves and vegetation from drainage pipes and gutters to allow for smooth water flow on rainy days; check your heating system and make sure the airways aren’t blocked by any furniture, home accessories or curtains; seal window and door cracks prevent chilly drafts and to help heating remain effective. You might also want to wash your blanket throws and throw pillows in preparation for fresh smelling, cozy Netflix and chill nights at home.

Don’t Get Bored

People tend to go out a lot during the spring and summer, and in contrast, there’s way less traffic outside on cooler nights. Make sure you stock up on some good books, DVDs and board games to keep you and your family entertained during those stormy nights in. Game nights with friends are always a great alternative to bar hopping when it’s pouring outside.

Enjoy the Fall

As you prepare for yet another chapter of the year, enjoy that “fresh start” feeling it brings. Not only will the streets soon become breezy and pleasant, but the holiday season is right around the corner. Reevaluate your approach to health, eating, entertainment, fashion, and charity, and choose the things that will only bring you joy. While trends seem to change quickly, many basic items remain as constant staples; vitamin C will never go out of style; apple pie is something everyone loves; books are rainy nights’ best friend; coats and boots are here to stay; deep red lips are a fall classic; and doing a little good goes a long way.