HOWLS: Echoes of Love and Despair in Buenos Aires

In the captivating short film HOWLS, directors Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian and Benjamin Baccetti delve into the raw aftermath of a shattered romance through the eyes of a young woman left navigating her fragmented emotional landscape. Depicted in the vivid, gloomy streets of Buenos Aires and shot on the grainy realism of 16mm film, the movie encapsulates a poignant exploration into the themes of love, loss, and lingering memory.

A Film by @alexan_sar & @benjaminbaccetti

HOWLS operates on a dual narrative front, serving as both a personal journey of heartbreak and a cinematic homage to the vibrant backdrop of Buenos Aires. With its pulsating life and architectural charm, the city almost acts as a silent character, reflecting the protagonist’s inner tumult as she wrestles with her fragmented memories.

Sarikamichian and Baccetti craft a profoundly resonant narrative in powerful visuals and minimalistic dialogue. They poetically capture moments where mementoes of a past relationship act as a knife and a balm—enhancing the film’s depth and emotional pull. Every frame beautifully illustrates the contradiction of the city’s alluring presence against the protagonist’s internal struggle, using Buenos Aires as a canvas to project her emotional state.

“Set against the compelling cityscape of Buenos Aires, HOWLS is not just a film, but an invitation to traverse the complex spectrum of human grief. It compels the audience to reflect on the ubiquitous yet unique experience of loss, underscoring the transformative influence of memories.” – Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian, Benjamin Baccetti

Complementing the directors’ poignant storytelling is the work of DP Nicolas Vallejo, whose raw, organic approach to cinematography adds layers to the narrative. Vallejo recounts:

“Bringing only my essential equipment to Argentina, the project naturally unfolded after a serendipitous reunion with Alexan and Benja. Opting for minimalistic techniques, we relied on natural light and simple setups, which worked miraculously with the single can of the film we used. The decision to push the film +2 enhanced its textural quality and truly captured the essence of our singular takes, making each frame a testament to the spontaneity and authenticity of our creative vision.”

HOWLS is an artistic mirror to the depths of personal loss and the enduring human spirit, presenting an intimately personal and universally relatable narrative. Through its reflective storytelling and aesthetic coherence, the film promises a lingering impact, inviting audiences to watch feel and reflect.