HYSTERIA is a snapshot of contemporary youth reaching a boiling point. They rage at their circumstances, systemic forces, and overwhelming expectations . . . A wave of release turns into empowerment.

Model/Actor “Denial” is Sarah “Suki” Herb / Instagram: @sukiherb
Model/Artist “Sorrow” is DaQuane Cherry / Instagram: @flacowaters
Model/Actor “Agony” is Mackenzie Dargan signed at TRUE Model Management @truemodelmgt / Instagram: @mkalexis
Original Spoken Word Poetry by Mackenzie Dargan signed at TRUE Model Management @truemodelmgt / Instagram: @mkalexis

Video Crew:

Direction by Karen DeMaio Weber / www.webers.nyc / Instagram: @kwyoyo
Director of Photography Thi Q. Lam / www.thiqlam.com / Instagram: @thi_q_lam
Producer Taylor San Nicolas / taylorsannicolas.com / Instagram: @taylorsannicolas
Gaffer Mason Wilkes / www.masonwilkes.com / Instagram: @masonauguste
Editor Justin Weber / www.webers.nyc / Instagram: @jwyoyo
Assistant Editor Eric Dargan / Instagram: @darganstudios
Wardrobe by Jana Bergstedt / janadoesthings.com / Instagram: @janadoesthings
Sound by Adeline Thery / linktr.ee/lizzyyoung / @lizzzyyoung
Hair & Makeup by Li Murrillo / www.limurillo.com / Instagram: @lilovesyou
Graphic Design by Frida Borgstedt / www.fridaborgstedt.com / Instagram: @fridaborgstedt_co
Thank You Garnish Studios / www.garnishstudios.com / Instagram: @garnishstudios


Photography by Katie Borrazzo / katieborrazzo.com / Instagram: @katieborrazzo


Brands Used Are: Judy Zhang, Givenchy, stylist’s vintage stock

Instagram: @judyzhangofficial, @givenchy