i am u are – A platform for empowering the creative economy of Ukraine

Ukrainian Creators Fair, March 24-26, (Skylight at Essex Crossing), New York City

i am u are is the Ukrainian Creators Fair, founded by Anna Pagava, CEO of GOGŌLA agency, and Kristina Skripka, a hospitality expert from Ukraine, co-organized by PR & communications agency GOGŌLA.

At i am u are, you can get acquainted with over 100 Ukrainian creators’ culture, tech, and fashion projects, purchase one-of-a-kind items, and enjoy the rich event program. Behind the event is a larger goal of empowering the Ukrainian creative economy and defeating the stereotypes that exist regarding Ukrainian culture. iamuare.world

video shot by Pavlo Buriak @pableneu
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The first event will take place on March 24-26 at Skylight at Essex Crossing located at the centre of the Lower East Side — home to a wealth of historic music venues, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. As New York City’s most timeless neighbourhood, the location is a premier destination for culture, nightlife, culinary adventures, and more.

Ajax_ Pavel Buryak (c)


I am u are is happening thanks to the continuous support of its partners: GOGŌLA Agency,
Razom for Ukraine, WePlay Esports, MEEST, Nova Poshta Global, BANDA Agency, UNITED 24,
Donut, The Ukrainian Museum in New York, NYC EVENT PRO, and Skylight at Essex Crossing.

Anton Belinskiy by Andrew Grey (c)
Anna October by Andrew Grey (c)

The project will showcase the best practices through a comprehensive program that includes an exhibition, startup presentations, and more. i am u are is about community empowerment and goes beyond the standard vision of a creative fair. The event is set to expand the horizons for Ukrainian creatives, and ignite both business and creative progress with a never seen multidisciplinary approach.

Fashion and accessories brands at i am u are are famous worldwide. BEVZA thrilled the NYFW week this year with a show dedicated to Ukraine; Anna October became a BoF 500 member, Ksenia Schnaider received PETA’s Vegan Fashion Award 2021, IENKI IENKI shook the fashion world with their collaboration with the Ukrainian Antarctic station “Vernadsky Research Base” creating the Antarctic Expedition Parka, Nomis have conquered the experimental jewellery world and revamped the existing gender stereotypes and Guzema creations have become an essential part of the First Lady’s style.

Basny Rugs
ASSHA_Andrew Grey (c)

The ethnography department deserves special attention as unique artisans from the farthest corners of the country are participating. The brands revive ancient techniques and interpret them within modernity. At i am u are you will be able to explore the masterpieces from GORN, GUNIA project, NOOM, HUTSUL AUTHENTICA, and many more.

Esper Bionics_Andrew Grey (c)
Bevza_Pavel Buryak (c)

The visual arts scene will be represented by a photo exhibition prepared by Masha Reva. Ivan Grabko acts as a creative and visual director and curator of i am u are. Nadiia Shapoval acting as head of the ethnography department and will display artists working in traditional

GUNIA Project
FÜRN_Andrew Grey (c)
GORN Ceramics_Andrew Grey (c)

Ukrainian ceramics, accessories, product design, craft, and wood techniques. A pop-up exhibition at the Ukrainian Museum in NYC, which became the second venue of the event, will feature a selection of items by jewellery, clothing and object designers who blend the language of tradition and contemporaneity.

FORMA studio whose practice is based on a distinctive method combining research activities and practical work undertook the mission of developing and realizing the architectural concept for both venues of the event. Their approach is to work at the intersection of the disciplines. In a constant dialogue with specialists in theoretical and practical fields, FORMA’s team uses different representations of form for the projects and initiates cooperation for interdisciplinary growth.

Tech will be displayed by Esper Bionics, Ajax Systems, Obimy, DRESSX, InTempo and others.

Hutsul Authentica + GUNIA Project_Andrew Grey (c)


With the full-scale invasion going on, Ukraine has frequently been on the news. Still, not many people have a comprehensive understanding of the country. The team would love for the world to know Ukraine for more than war.

Anna Pagava, Gogola Agency founder: “To the surprise of many — Ukraine is not only a country with deep historical roots but also progressive and modern, with incredible brands in tech, fashion, and lifestyle. My dream was to create an event which would correspond to this image of our country as well as its outstanding creative industry, and this is why I initiated the project. I hope our guests get to see this for themselves as well.”

NOOM_Andrew Grey (c)
Lutiki Series_Andrew Grey (c)

Kristina Skripka: “A year ago, we found ourselves trapped by history, but we never stopped creating history for ourselves. We soon found out that we have so much to give. For every single one of us, home is Ukraine. A beautiful place, where we grew into the people we are today. We want to share the world of our home which is Ukraine. We want the world to remember that Ukraine is protecting the values you were built upon – freedom, ideas & democracy, and remind you that the war is not over.”

TVERDOHLIB_Andrew Grey (c)
Olena Mityrina_Andrew Grey (c)
Triptych Essence_Andrew Grey (c)

FAIR PROGRAM Thursday, March 23 Private view, 6pm – 9pm

Friday, March 24

Exhibition & pop-up day
Drinks & music
Food spots
General admission: 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, March 25

Exhibition & pop-up day
Drinks & music
Food spots
General admission: 12pm – 8pm

Sunday, March 26

Exhibition & pop-up day Drinks & music
Food spots

General admission: 10am – 5pm

Thursday, March 23 – Tuesday, March 28
Pop-up at The Ukrainian Museum (222 E 6th St, New York, NY) Friday, March 24, before 6pm
Talk at The Ukrainian Museum

i am u are — Ukrainian Creators Fair—is an event organized by Anna Pagava, founder of Gogola Agency, Los Angeles-Kyiv communications agency, and Kristina Skripka, a hospitality expert from Ukraine. Artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko join the fair as creative and visual directors, Nadiia Shapoval—a creative director and curator of the ethnography department, and studio FORMA—architects whose practice is based on a distinctive method combining research activities and practical work. i am u are brings over 100 Ukrainian creators to the US to share the vision of modern Ukraine.