I KNOW, an exhibition on the aesthetic of truth

AES+F, Turandot 2070, Lovers I, 2021, dimensions variable, video

Feral File is pleased to announce I Know, an exhibition exploring what an aesthetic of truth might be. Curated by Giorgio Vitale, I Know features an intergenerational group of five artists, each embracing very different aesthetics and artistic strategies. Their works in the show address anxieties about the turmoil we are now experiencing around the world and offer critical reflections on it. In collaboration with Feral File, the synthesis gallery will have a physical opening in Berlin on February 2, 2023.


Yehwan Song, Artwork 1, 2022, dimensions variable, 3D sculpture and video

It will also participate in the NFT Biennal, a Biennal spanning 3-4 continents and multiple countries, and will take part in Transmediale / Vorspiel, 2023.

In Unzip, Chinese artist aaajiao calls for solidarity in the NFT market by developing a system that forces fair trading. Consisting of a 15-zip package file, each zipped file includes an NFT that can only be released once all 15 are collected. AES+F has contributed a fantastical video excerpt from the iconic Turandot 2070, a techno-feminist fable inspired by Giacomo Puccini’s homonymous opera. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos uses artificial intelligence to ponder the “in-between”, tracking and documenting their non-binary transition over a period of two decades through a personal online archive. Claudia Hart’s ‘A Child’s Machiavelliis a commentary on power and human frailties that started in 1994 as a series of paintings and drawings, resulting in a book that has now been translated into animations. Yehwan Song’s work challenges the idea of technology as neutral, by exposing violence lurking beneath user-friendly interfaces.

AES+F, Turandot 2070, Lovers I, 2021, dimensions variable, video

“The ‘truth’ considered in this exhibition is not a scientific or academic one, but rather an imaginative one. It is based on the slow unfolding that viewers experience when they sit with an artwork. In our current post-truth society, in which veracity and accuracy are sacrificed on the altar of hyperbole and misinformation, I Know invites artists to reexamine historical moments and evoke images of the past in order to claim a place within it. These artists struggle with power, inequality, and discrimination, addressing debates about mass surveillance and the architecture of the web3. The works in the exhibition reflect on traditional modes of thinking, both inside of and outside of the arts, and in so doing make way for future possibilities.” Curator Giorgio Vitale

Claudia Hart, The Art of Survival: Aphorisms by an Old Girl, 2020/2023, 11.22″ x 7.28″ x 0.22″, micro movies (MP4s)

I KNOW – On the aesthetic of truth

with @aaajiao @aesplusf @aevtarperform @claudhart @yehwan.yen.song

February 2, 14:00 UTC on Feral File / 18:00 CET @salonammoritzplatz, Oranienstrasse 58, 10969 Berlin.