I’m Well…ish

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Brett Lindell. Model is Jake Brush. Styling by Dominic Louis. Cinematography by Maddy Talias. Makeup by Disco. Hair by Zach Dierks. Brands are Area, Aurelia Cotton, Lanvin Sparkle Princess, Saint Laurent, Vivienne Hue.

“I’m Well…ish” is a 10-episode miniseries that follows the journey of a fear-centred wellness guru. Season One presents the audience with plants that eliminate fear, stickers that neurologically cleanse auras, and spray bottles that protect you from being cancelled. The work is comical, colourful, and cathartic.  
Wellness is a commodity of a series of commodities (green juice, glowing skin, flat tummy, etc). A company convinces you that youre suffering from a litany of ambiguous ailments, and then sells you a sensationalized solution. Im Well…ish” is a parody of an individual branding” themselves within this business model. Lifestyle coaches and vanity activists convince the audience that their only interest is helping the people, all while keeping their eyes on financial gain and career opportunism. In each episode this neurotic, high-pitched character that is Wellish” follies between unlocking the key to serenity and crying at any mention of trauma. In the world of Well…ish” pain is transferred into a working model. The individual prioritizes content. The content is more valuable than virtuous acts. The actual betterment of the self is in the capital and the fame” – which inevitably leads to the delusion. 
What started as a one-woman show turned into an opportunity for collaboration. After screening the first iterations of this work to a small group of friends in New York, Dominic Louis had something in mind. He offered me an opportunity to launch Wellish into a redefined, glossily and delusional pipe dream. With the help of this team, I became Well…ish Reloaded. In this not-so-distant reality, I was able to make it” selling my own fictitious solutions. This editorial reimagines Well…ish” steps ahead. Aimlessly wandering in career opportunism, disguised by a novice desire for self-actualization. “

Talent – Jake Brush / jakebrush.com / @jake__brush
Photography – Brett Lindell / brettlindellphotography.com / @brett_lindell
Fashion – Dominic Louis / dominiclouisstudio.com / @dominiclouisstudio
Cinematographer – Maddy Talias / maddytalias.com / @maddytalias
Video Editor  – Jake Brush / jakebrush.com / @jake__brush
Makeup – Disco / makeupbydisco.com / @makeupbydisco
Hair – Zach Dierks / @zachdierks
Production Assistant – Ruby Gonzales / @xanaxricepudding

Fashion Credits:
Area, Aurelia Cotton, Lanvin Sparkle Princess, Saint Laurent, Vivienne Hue