IDEM by Leander Brandstädt

Photographer Leander Brandstädt has been following the Drag Szene in Berlin for more than a half year now and build an analog imagery through this journey.

The exhibition IDEM explored the Berlin drag scene through the mediums of analog photography and Virtual Reality. Through the encounter of these mediums, the drag scene is brought to life and maybe explored interactively. come and try! Drag is really just a synonym for the search for one’s own identity and one’s place in society: we hope to bring this social dimension to life by introducing individual artists and photographically documenting them and their perceived social “roles”, as they attempt to fathom their own personal freedom. An effort is made to capture our showcased artists both on and off the stage, observing them as artists and humans, so as to generate an empathetic framework to the broader gender discussion. These are moments that come from life, representing the love for life.

Instagram: @brandstaedt