“Illegal” is a thought-provoking photo editorial series that challenges societal norms and explores the juxtaposition of freedom and restriction. The title itself hints at the provocative nature of the project, where the model boldly poses nude within the serene landscapes of an American National Park. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

This series delves into the complex relationship between personal freedom and legal boundaries, particularly in a country known for its contradictory blend of modernity and conservatism. The nudity of the model amidst the natural beauty of the parks serves as a stark contrast to the laws that deem such public displays as criminal offences.

Moreover, “Illegal” incorporates a poignant societal critique by featuring the model adorned only in jewellery in some photographs. This choice serves as a commentary on capitalism and consumerism, highlighting how society often commodifies the human body while simultaneously penalizing its uninhibited display.

Through striking visuals, “Illegal” confronts viewers with questions about censorship, individual rights, and the societal constructs that govern acceptable behaviour. Each photograph captures the tension between the uninhibited expression of the human form and the legal repercussions that accompany it.

Presenting these images in a series, “Illegal” prompts viewers to contemplate the blurred lines between personal liberty and social conformity, inviting them to reconsider their perspectives on nudity, sexuality, and the boundaries of public space.

Photography by @hannes_caspar singed @koppemartens
Model @official.lukas.sauer
Make up by @karimsattarmakeup Glow by @primavera_life glam by @und_gretel_cosmetics

Waring Angelika Hanstein @hansteinangelika