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Immortal Kombat

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial. Photographed by Rachel Israela. Styling by Dominic Böhm. All tops by Diana Bobina, Born in Republic of Modova. Currently based in Berlin. Models are Dominic Böhm @VIVAModels, Julius Palm @IZAIO Management, Felix Hürbe, Joyce Bakker, Maximilian von Igel. “Small, spontaneous editions of garments and accesories that are ageless, gender-neutral, cross-cultural – boundless with the focus on Sustainability. Details, clean water and fresh air obsession. All limited editions.” – Diana Bobina. 

cap_ralph_lauren_polo_sport_scraf_second_hand_2_mini tops_diana_bobina_pants_carharrt_levis_lee_x_inan_mini tops_diana_bobina_1_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_levis501_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_levis501_belt_secondhand_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_levis_shoes_converse_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_levis_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_lee_x_inan_shoes_doc_martens_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_lee_x_inan_2_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_carhartt_wip_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_carhartt_wip_3_mini top_diana_bobina_pants_carhartt_wip_2_mini top_diana_bobina_mini top_diana_bobina_jacket_second_hand_pants_carhartt_mini top_diana_bobina_2_mini diana_bonina_mini cap_ralph_lauren_polo_sport_scraf_second_hand_mini

Photographed by Rachel Israela @_rachel_israela_

Designer Diana Bobina www.dianabobina.com

Styling Dominic Böhm @domyf777

Models: Dominic Böhm (VIVAModels), Julius Palm (IZAIO Management) @julius_palm, Felix Hürbe, Joyce Bakker, Maximilian von Igel