Issue 12 – In conversation with .. 3!

Welcome to our new digital issue: IN CONVERSATION WITH – Part 3, 130 pages art, fashion and music! Out 26.04.2020 – featuring in conversation with Alma, Xuehka, Kraków Loves Adana, Eugenio Andrade Schulz, Mattiel, Anna Barr and many more …

Solitude: The Devil’s Worst Weapon
I’m sure you hear it all the time that humans are social animals. We need to spend time together to be happy.
In a world gone wild, those who prefer solitude are seen as eccentric at best and defective at worst, and are often presumed to be suffering from social anxiety, boredom, and become alienated by others.
Loneliness is a negative state of mind, marked by a sense of isolation.
At the moment the whole world lives in isolation and we all have to struggle with this condition. With this new issue, we want to give you a moment of joy.
To forget about being alone for a while.


Photography: Victor Supertramp @victorsupertramp
Photography assistant: Jennifer de los Mozos @jennmozos
Héctor Ges @hectorges
Stylist: Xènia Gabarri @eugene.ripa
Stylist Assistant: Erika Acosta @whoevererikais
Makeup: Anna González @makeuplikexnnx
Hair: Ruben Mongés @hairbyrubmonges
Set Design: Anna Gustems @agustems.official
Models: Adrià @adriaaolveraa
Marc @sooldaado_13
Beza @kaydybrown From Blare Management @blaremanagement