Issue 18 – In conversation with .. 8!

Welcome to our new digital issue: IN CONVERSATION WITH – Part 8! Featuring interviews with Aka Kelzz, Jaume Miró, José Rojas, Wooly and the Uke, Ford Kelly, Olli Hull. Special thanks to Orientation NYC. 118 pages filled with interviews and editorials. Contributors are Lewis Robert Cameron, Johannes Brauner, Arabella Romen, Rianon Vran, Joseph Sy, Arron Dunworth, Alis, McGuire Brown and more.

Enjoy our new issue!

I dare to dream of a world where people can dress, speak, and behave how they want, free from mockery, derision, judgment, harassment, and danger. This is what I want. Who’s with me?

* Juno Dawson @junodawson

On the cover

Creative Direction & Styling McGuire Brown @mcguire.brown
Photographer & Editor Abby Lorenzini @abilorenzini

Lighting Assistance Joe DaJour @joedajour
Assistance Jane Handorff @jhandorff & Samantha Del Rosal @samanthadelrosal

Model Kayinoluwa Ibidapo @kayinoluwa
Makeup Tania Mallah @tatimallah

Production Orientation NYC @orientationyc

Feat interviews with: @akakelzzmusic @akakelzz @jaumevmiro @jose_illustration @woolyandtheuke @SoyFordKelly @ollihull

All artists, models, photographers, makeup and hair artists and stylists in the issue are:

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