LIE NING Unveils the Magic Behind “Dimelo”: An Exclusive Insight into the Soul of a Boundary-Pushing Artist

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with LIE NING to discuss their scorching new single, “Dimelo.” Currently buzzing with excitement, this track is the first of five singles scheduled for release this year. In our conversation, LIE NING opened up about the deeply personal experiences that inspired “Dimelo,” the unexpected magic they encountered in Miami, and what listeners can expect from their upcoming music. Here’s a peek into the mind and creative world of this versatile artist.

LIE NING, your new single ‘Dimelo’ is already creating a buzz. Can you tell us what inspired you to write this particular track?

The most handsome sun-kissed man you can imagine.

The narrative speaks about a profound personal experience in Miami. Could you share more about that moment and how it influenced the song?

*giggle* what can I say? Miami did me good. Not expecting much, I experienced one of the hottest, most magical days ever in my life. From the moment he walked out the water, sweat and ocean drops running down his built physique, illuminated by the last golden rays of sunshine to the constant tension held by his severe gaze, his green eyes reading my emotions, the air flickering, vibrating. Finally, now drenched leaning against the railing of a lifeguard’s house, we kiss. *TBC* this whole thing is hella gay I guess.

‘Dimelo’ is the first of five singles you’re releasing this year. What can listeners expect from the upcoming tracks?

More drama for sure. I am having more fun with both my lyrics and sound lately. As we have all experienced in these last years life’s twists and turns are unforeseeable – I wanna try and make the best of what’s there. Some of the songs work through somewhat of a breakup between me and Germany.

Your music seamlessly blends indie, soul, and R&B with deep, resonant messages. How do you manage to weave these genres together so harmoniously?

Oh thank you! Doesn’t feel too harmonious to me sometimes hahah. I guess there is an urgency to my music. I usually only write a song when it’s about sth I need to get off my chest. And genres to me are just means of expression. Whatever scenario I draw desires its sound. 

The music video is visually stunning. How did you come up with the concept, and what was it like bringing it to life?

That’s all RAW SOULS Production. Amélie, Julian and their team are the loveliest to work with. We previously shot the video for “Pressure&Release” and I’ll never forget the symbioses we reached in the process.  

I didn’t even know if I could shoot the video for Dimelo until a week before we were meant to be in LA. All I knew was that I wanted it to be GAY. I told them the whole story behind the song. And with the help of my incredible LA friends (who are starring in the video), we made it work. 

Photographs play a significant role in your artistic expression. Can you talk about the amazing photos you took with Fifi Newbery in Brighton?

I think the visual dimension just opens up a more detailed and layered story than just the song by itself. I’ve recently been interested in society’s obsession with masculine representation in media and why for a long time I wanted to distance myself from that by presenting rather fem. So playing with what is stereotypically more of a masc silhouette but keeping it still gay (wearing Don Aretino) is something I tried to do with Fifi – who by the way is an incredible photographer.

Working with a talented photographer like Fifi Newbery must have been quite an experience. How did her vision complement your music and artistic style?

I think we’re both interested in aesthetics as well as storytelling. The conversations we had about Queerness, Representation, Fashion and Music informed the images we created. It came naturally.

Your debut album ‘Utopia’ received critical acclaim and was produced by Grammy-winner Stephen Fitzmaurice. How did this collaboration come about, and what was it like working with him?

We got introduced through mutuals. I must admit I was quite nervous when I first met him. He’s worked with some of my favourite artists. But then once we clicked and that happened quite quickly, it felt a bit like working with family. 

You have successfully performed at several high-profile venues and events, even lighting up New York Times Square. Which performance has been the most memorable for you, and why?

Closing my debut tour with a sold-out show in Berlin. These are my people, they get me. An audience that is not afraid of giving in to the vibe and mirroring that same energy back on stage. 

As an artist who proudly represents the LGBTQ+ and POC communities, what message do you hope to convey through your music?

I used to be quite serious about it. Now I don’t believe in representation like that anymore. We’re all individuals and some of our experiences correlate due to the misfortunate and cruel nature of discrimination other than that we differ in many facets (which I love) that make us real. So no, I don’t force myself onto any agenda. I’ll be as true to myself as possible and I do care about our rights being taken seriously. If that’s inspiring anyone, amazing. 

Beyond being a singer-songwriter, you’re also a model, dancer, and art director. How do you balance these different roles, and how do they influence your music?

Hahaha sounds so fancy. I think what it really is is tight budgets and the fact that the arts are still not being taken seriously which means I just have to fill in the gaps and put on my many hats to make ends meet. 

2023 has been a breakthrough year for you. What are your goals for the rest of the year, and what can your fans look forward to shortly?

I wanna find my community now more than ever. Find the people that really get what I’m doing and hopefully collaborate more with like minded artists. I think only in collaboration and community can we truly make a difference. 

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Photographer: Fifi Newbery @fifinewber
Top & underwear custom Don Aretino @don_aretino
Jeans Y/Project @yproject_official