In conversation with Theresa Baxter

An interview taken from our June Issue. In this special issue, we wanted to give light to artists, especially illustrators and painters, to know how to quarantine time affected their lives and their process. We wanted to showcase a different story, different arts to give a voice and platform for these creators.

KALTBLUT: It’s been almost 2 months since self-isolation has been enforced worldwide, how are you feeling?
Theresa: Once the panic subsided and the quiet set in, I started to get some much-needed clarity and focus. I feel like this time has been an incredible opportunity for introspection; for me to evaluate what is truly important to me. And it turns out, I’ve been spending my time and resources on things that don’t feel important at all anymore once a global pandemic breaks out. And I’ve let those things go where and when I can. This has allowed me space and clarity to refocus on the people and communities I love and on making things that spark imagination and bring joy.

I carry a lot of sadness for the huge loss of life this virus has claimed, as I know we all do. And I have a lot of fears about economic change and what that means for us. It is a very challenging time to be a small business owner, and that weighs on me heavily. But the ways that I have seen people step up to support and care for each other gives me so much hope for our future. And I see so many beautiful opportunities for change.

KALTBLUT: What have you been doing to pass your time in quarantine?
Theresa: I’ve just been creating a lot. And connecting with old friends. And going outside whenever I can.

KALTBLUT: How has the situation affected your work?
Theresa: I have had to make some hard choices business-wise since lockdown. And it has been very difficult at times to let go of things – I’ve had to take a step back from one of my former business partnerships because I couldn’t keep my commitment to it during the lockdown. It was the right choice, but I am mourning the loss where I can. I am as well very concerned for the studio space I run with another partner as we have vacancies for the first time in about two years…and the future seems so uncertain.

Amidst all this, I have been incredibly blessed by my online community though, which does offset the loss and worry considerably. My online store has been thriving in ways I never could have imagined. That gives me so much comfort and inspiration.

I have stayed busy packing orders and thinking of new things to make! And so many folks have been so ready to help donate masks and make charitable contributions to the LA Regional Food Bank. It is so meaningful to be supported and to give support to others who need it.


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