IN THE MIDDLE (of nowhere)! Photography by Edyta Chachulska

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Edyta Chachulska. Model is Eva signed at Neva. Styled by Agata Nogowska. Make up by Patrycja Piechówka. Hair by Anna Piechocka.

Jacket by Thierry Mugler Vintage
Shoes by Zara
Scarf by Charlotte
Blouse by Rodarte
Hills by Zara
Dress by Kas Kryst
Shoes by Zara
Dress by Zara
Hoddie by Zara
Shoes by Zara
Weil stylist handmade
Cardigan vintage
Jewelry vintage
Jacket and jewelry vintage
Dress from stylist wardrobe
Shoes by Zara
Top by Sovl
Pants by Les Coyotes de Paris
Hills by Zara

Photography by Edyta Chachulska / / Instagram: @edyta_chachulska
Styled by Agata Nogowska / Instagram: @agatanogowska
Make up by Patrycja Piechówka /  Instagram: @patrycja_piechowka
Hair by Anna Piechocka / Instagram: @by_catnel
Model is Eva signed at Neva / Instagram: @ewa.trabinska @nevamodels