Inner Contemplation Temple

KALTBLUT Magazine presents: “Inner Temple Contemplation”. An outcome of the collaboration between ANDRAHANDARIC studio and Varya, a young photographer with a dark-idyllic aesthetic. The story maps the concept of self contemplation initiatives through an approach that outlines the stages of self-discovery, starting from the black void, representation of uncreated energy. The idea of spiritual disclosure in a stark, austere environment has been the inspirational source in Andra’s creative itinerary. The photography, becomes the means of documentation in the ego metamorphosis process, covering the entire spectrum of spiritual states between anguish and bliss. All fashion by ANDRAHANDARICstudio. Model is Alexandra Gabriela.

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Concept: ANDRAHANDARICstudio
Photography: Dana Tole alias Varya
Clothing: ANDRAHANDARICstudio
Model: Alexandra Gabriela