Innocent Sorcerers

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mar Kaczmarek. Design and styling by Sebastian Fabrowicz. Models are Jan, Michał, Genia, Kuba and Jakub. Mar is born in 1995, a semi-experieced fashion and conceptual photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Is currently studying Intermedia. Her interests include music, fashion, poetry, theatre structures and dance. This fascination has directed her into connecting all these forms of expression and attempt to translate them into the medias of photography or film.

Photography by Mar Kaczmarek / / Instagram: @markaczmarek

Models are Jan signed at Gaga Models / Instagram: @jvsiu
Michał signed at Embassy Models / instagram: @michiworldwidehandsome
Genia signed at AS Management / instagram: @jackgkk
Kuba signed at Uncover Models / instagram: @kubagrl
Jakub signed at Uncover Models

Design and styling by Sebastian Fabrowicz @fbrwcz