Instrumental flowers by Alexander Ermakov

As a photographer, Alexander’s vision vector combines commercial vision as well as an aesthetic exploration of issues of freedom and tolerance, the contrasts of established norms with forms that go beyond the classical vision of society. He is attracted by the naturalness, understatement of poses, emotions, thus leaving the same freedom to the viewer for reasoning. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

This project was inspired by the long wait for spring and the rapid flowering of all plants.
Its creators live in the Northern latitudes and they are very close to the feeling when the atmosphere is filled with the awakening of nature, and in a place with it and the human mind with new, fresh thoughts and ideas.

Photography by Alexander Ermakov /
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Muah by
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Fashion credits
Belik , Sintezia , Tatyana Parfionova, Roma Uvarov design, Vereja 2028, Sintezia, Isida, Blinova Evgenia, Nastia Pilepchuk