Meet Ahu Dural: A Visionary Artist Blending Boundaries

Ahu Dural is a Turkish-German artist renowned for her large-scale installations, collages, and graphic handling of spaces and surfaces. In this short, sincere portrait, Ahu meditates on her work and the context that informs it.
 From the architecture she grew up surrounded by, to the distinct, often complex Turkish-German cultural experience, her thought-provoking pieces draw lines between different concepts, forms and media.

“Our team used 16mm film to capture the authentic art and story of Ahu, and we worked with a classically trained musician and sound designer to create a unique and subtle music score that enhances her voice and story.

The slow-paced editing and thoughtful framing of shots give enough room to focus on the visuals and the voice-over. Our collective effort has culminated in a piece that we are proud to share with you. We believe that this story will resonate with your audience and provide a fresh perspective on the immigrant experience in Germany.”

Artist – Ahu Dural / / Instagram: @ahu_dural

Photography – Philippe Gnannt / / Instagram: @philippegnannt

Video Credits

Director & Editor – Philippe Gnannt / / Instagram: @philippegnannt

Co-Director & Producer – Oumou Aidara / /Instagram:

Director of Photography – Vincent Moreau / / Instagram: @vincentmoreau_
Composer – Dominic Edgley / / Instagram: @soundfoundryberlin

Colourist – Benjamin Packer / / Instagram:

Art Director – Gabriella Seemann / / Instagram: @gabriella_berlin

Special thanks to – BTMK (Conservatory for Turkish Music Berlin) / Instagram: @btmkde
Featured Photography Courtesy of Yücel Dural, Maximilian Anelli-Monti and Mike Auerbach.