Introducing Aitor Goikoetxea and his new collection, “Adarrak”, a fusion of tradition and rite.

On February 19th, the Basque designer, Aitor Goikoetxea, won the 21st Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award with his new collection, “Adarrak”, within the frame of the Allianz Ego section of the Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week. 

Graduated by the Barcelona IED and winner of the ITS Responsible Creativity Award Powered by Allianz, Aitor wants “tradition, craftmanship and nostalgia to be always present in his work”.

That’s why, for his new collection, the young 22 years old designer was inspired by the “vulnerability and the tradition”, by the traditional costumes used in his region for “rituals” and that play with the frontier between man and beast. Aitor puts the materials in the centre of the collection: the fabrics, prints, textures and colours create a universe full of nostalgia and tradition.

To introduce the collection to the world, the designer commissioned director Valentino R. Sandoli to create a film that encapsulates its ideas of it, and that would be screened right before the runway show, as a preview of the clothes that the audience was about to see for the first time, and as a starting point in terms of sensations that they wanted to express.

The film truly reflects the idea of the rite as a social event and builds up in a hectic way to show the designer’s universe, ending in a tremendous climax that goes perfectly in sync with the collection’s pieces. “Adarrak” embodies a spirit where tradition, rite, fears, past and present collide. The film is also joined by a photographic campaign by photographer Jorge Fuster.

ADARRAK” is a film created around the line between man and beast, where the vulnerability of tradition, Vasque rituals, intimacy, fears, past and present collide.

Directed by Valentino R. Sandoli @valentinosandoli
Creative Direction by Valentino R. Sandoli & Aitor Goikoetxea @aitorgoiko_
Produced by @mafergarciacarrillo
Production – @lumafilmproduction
Cinematography – @soylazaro_
Art Direction – @julumaga
Music and Sound – @_86tales_ @gordiangleisz @86talesmarie
Editing – @gorka.atares
Color Grading – @gradepunk @sebastianmartinmartinez
1AD – @lev.i.ia
2AD – @egoitz.d
DA – @igneooo
Production Assistants – @clauul1ma @roocioyelamos @hector_f96
Steadycam – @alejandrocameraop
Graphic Designer – @hectormangas
Making Of – @improfilms
1AC – @luchoparadac
2AC – @alejoiglesiasduran
Videoassist – @caryvaly
DIT – @m_scaramella 
B Camera – @alisatruyol 
Gaffer – @daniel.fuertes19
Best Boy – @horror.vaacui
Sparks – @pablo_agrcia @alice.rll 
Art Assistants – @ireterme @gmuratel @caticlairac 
Styling – @jm.delvalle @aitorvidalprior @paulas.iris 
MUAH – @miky.valles 
MUAH Assistant – @albaxcordoba 
Campaign Photo – @jorge.fuster
Casting by @giovannifedele @zergreen @zerek_studio 
Casting Assistant – @miguel.brana 
@seaisidro at @zerek_studio
@leonardohazrak @fifthmodels
@gaby_samba @gaze.cast
@weri_bouchakour @zerek_studio
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