Introducing Bakhirka Apparel and its new collection The Red Thread

Bakhirka Apparel has launched a new Spring/Summer 2021 collection The Red Thread, which explores the connection between a human and war. The Red Thread plays a role of a shield in different cultures. In Kabbalah, a red thread on the wrist is a talisman that protects its owner from negative energy, envy, and the evil eye.

The vintage uniforms of the Austrian, British, and Soviet armies were deconstructed and used to create this collection. Without any reference to the history of one particular country or culture, the designer Katya Bakhirka puts important universal human senses into each item of the collection: on the one hand – strength and confidence, and on the other – the fear of loss and the value of life.

Bakhirka Apparel
Katya Bakhirka
Photo: Stephan Lisowski

By transferring the old elements, such as the fabric itself, sleeves, shoulder straps, badges, and buttons to the new items, we were able to revive the memories of the past to the present.” says the founder of the brand Katya Bakhirka about the work process on the collection.

The designer believes that within each of us there is a tendency for confrontations, and they are manifested primarily in the struggle of a person with oneself. We cannot see our contradictions from the outside or we willingly close our eyes on them, which as a result turns into real conflicts in the outside world.

The Red Thread serves as a kind of amulet and symbol of peace. With the help of the history, energy, and beauty of these clothes, Bakhirka Apparel wanted to remind people of the importance of inner balance, spiritual beauty, and gratitude to the peaceful sky overhead.

Natural fabrics, metal buckles, antique patches, and silk scarves were mainly used for the creation of this collection. Detachable cuffs have become unusual accents, which, thanks to the fixation in the form of buttons, can be independently attached to the jacket sleeves or removed. Even such a small addition can if not radically change the image, then make it more ‘complex’.

The feature of the collection is not only in the chosen theme. For the first time, Bakhirka Apparel has released a dress and a skirt. Previously, all clothing of the brand was predominantly unisex, however, this time the strength of military clothing was deliberately emphasized with femininity.

Since the Red Thread uses a vintage uniform, one of the predominant colors is khaki, which is harmoniously complemented by white, beige, and black. The collection includes high-waisted trousers with slits at the bottom, as well as on the knees, jumpsuits in several shades, tops, shirts, classic and cropped jackets, as well as trench coats.