Introducing D.N.I, a Peruvian fashion firm created in Paris by Peruvian twins

DNI is the peruvian firm born in Paris that seeks to promote a contemporary Peru in its designs The fashion brand created in Paris wants to promote a contemporary Peru away from the clichés usually linked to the country, and in general to Latin America. //

Paulo and Roberto Ruiz Muñoz are the twins behind ​DNI (National Identity Document), an emerging brand born in Paris but inspired by the memories and anecdotes of their creators when they still lived in Peru, and where their origin and roots are the point starting for the brand.

D.N.I born to merge crafts, modernity and popular culture on a journey to Peru that swims between past, present and future, but through a disruptive and innovative language.

A tí Perú​ S/S2020

“Most of the images that show us of the country are our magnificent ancient textiles, our millenary crafts, our national treasure Machu Picchu and our raw material. For us as Peruvians it was important to demonstrate that we do not only have that part of our culture. We use it as a base that we respect, but we reinterpret it to give a new vision”​, Paulo and Roberto affirm about the reason for DNI, since they seek to show in Europe still unknown aspects of Peru, such as the Chicha culture, popular culture from the coast, the Peruvian stamps, and in general everything they remember from their childhood in their country.

Besides, the brand bases its operations on a circular economy by reusing recovered materials such as wood, coins and old chains; and producing from fabrics from the stock not used by luxury brands, all through fair trade.

For the creative duo, it is important that they think about the future, the environment, and respect for the people who work with them on the project, since each piece is a handmade jewel, being a part of it handcrafted in France, and another part made by weavers in Peru in order to promote their economic independence.

The brand’s proposal lands in two annual collections and so far, since its launch in 2019, DNI has two collections titled ‘​A tí Perú​’ for summer 2020 and ‘​La bodega de mi barrio​‘ for this winter.