GNDR is a genderless fashion label based in Paris and envisions gender as a non-binary concept. As art runs through its veins, GNDR trusts its purist and most genuine instincts as opposed to norms directed by society. At GNDR’s Paris Fashion Week showroom, we had a chance to chat to Victor Russo and Louis Bastelica, the creative duo behind the emerging Parisian fashion label GNDR. In the inspiring setting of their minimalist showroom at Palais de Tokyo, GNDR spoke to us about their FW/18 collection “Dear Agnès”, their take on gender-fluid fashion and the core values of their label.

Louis and Victor explained how GNDR’s second collection “Dear Agnès” is based on the story of Agnès Richter, a German seamstress incarcerated in Heidelberg psychiatric hospital in the late 19th century. It all started with them going through books about mental illness and psychiatry when they came across Agnès Richter, who is their muse for this collection. Agnès Richter utilized what she had available to be creative. Through her madness she kept on creating. Using old pillowcases, institutional linen, patchwork, and embroidered sentences. The collection Dear Agnès is a tribute to her and her strength to create under limiting circumstances. Throughout the collection you see silkscreened sentences printed across the garments, Black contrasting white, cuts inspired by institutional uniforms, message prints and allover prints showcasing floor plans from the asylum. On the denim jacket’s lining, you find a silkscreened escape plan. All exceptionally thought through.

“Dear Agnès” shows a very specific inspiration, however at the same time successfully reflects the core concept of GNDR. Genderless fashion. Louis and Victor are passionate in working towards changing the segmentation of fashion in terms of gender. With their FW/18 collection we see a new kind of silhouette. It’s gender fluid but the cuts are more feminine than masculine. It’s a unique take on a genderless aesthetic.

Louis and Victor met through their passion for music. 7 years ago, they started creating music together and their friendship remains the core of their brand. Their genuine friendship is what makes them stand out. For them as a creative team, it is important to stay true to GNDR’s values, but at the same time find a new and fresh inspiration for each collection. The message is important.

We are excited to follow GNDR’s creative journey and to see what’s next!

Written by: Veronika Hopponen
Photography by: Lala Quail

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