Introducing YTN7 – An avant-garde brand of bags and backpacks

The brand YTN7 was founded in 2015 by Natalya Vtyurina on the floor of her own flat under the irresistible force of self-expression and the desire to create art with her hands, through the need to express a minimalist presentation with a complex cut and to go beyond a conservative approach in the use of basic materials.

Our brand philosophy is inseparably connected with the manual processing, where design is deeply inspired by material specific texture. Just like you can not touch the same water twice, each piece is unique and has its own identity.

Since then, the path of self-education and experimentation in the study of materials and their properties has been overcome. From a deconstructivist approach to adopting and rethinking ready-made, high-quality materials, which the author incorporates into his creative manifesto. YTN7 is not a finished experiment on a sensual level, where the artist’s inner growth is followed by a process of self-expression.