Irene’s Travel – Part two: Childwood

Irene Tondelli is a 30 years old travel-adventure and documentary photographer based in the North of Italy. When it comes to her must have kit, Tondelli believe in the motto that says:”there is no good or bad weather but only good and bad equipment”. This is the second part of Irene’s travel and it continues with Childwood.

Padania plain semantics. Childwood is a part of my research and exploration around the Po. This river has accompanied me for most part of my life, from the Padania plain where I was born to Torino where I worked, from the Emilia backcountry to its mouth in the Adriatic Sea shore where I spent a lot of time during my childhood. It’s an intimate research between present and past, old memories or open-eyed dreams. A portrait of a land where you get the impression that time has stopped, a mixture of the sacred and the profane, pilgrims and sanctuaries, industrial installations and old artisans activities. Ancient adventures, cities on its banks, trade routes to reach the sea: the Po has been witness to many stories and its waters that flow like a stream of consciousness, redraw a map of my memory, of my identity, my roots.”

Instagram: @hirenetondelli