Issue 21 – In Conversation with .. 10!

Welcome to the 21st issue of KALTBLUT. In conversation with Daniel Zillmann, YuYu, ALLIE X, Joseph W. Ohlert, Kid Simius, Emilio, Branko Popovic, Tariq Alsaadi, BEC, Dennis Grigorev, Hümeyra Demircioğlu, BKLAVA, Antia Vieiro and SISSY MISFIT. 404 pages filled with art, fashion and music. 


Embracing Tomorrow: Issue 21

In our latest digital odyssey, Issue 21, we beckon our cherished readers to step into the luminous future that awaits. Embark on an exploration of the brilliant minds in music, fashion, and art who are charting the journey into 2024.

Plunge into the pages of Issue 21 and immerse yourself in the future’s rich tapestry of colours, melodies, and textures. Celebrate the pioneers poised to sculpt an unparalleled annum—a canvas filled with the artistry of those who conceive a world aglow. Welcome to the convergence of creativity and aspiration.

Welcome to Issue 21. In Love, your KALTBLUT. Team

On the cover: