I’ve Become You by Melissa Spiccia

“I’ve become you – Dived right into you – To wake years later drowning.” Melissa Spiccia is a visual artist with an extensive training and background in dance. Australian born, she began her career as a ballerina performing at a soloist level in Germany for a number of years before retraining and working in London as a contemporary dance artist and later making the shift into the visual arts. Melissa’s work spans across different disciplines and her process is often intuitively led, allowing her ideas to shift, respond and materialise in their most suited form, unconstrained to one practice.



In her most recent project I’ve Become You Melissa explores through photography intimate relationships and how we may unconsciously find ourselves in roles of dominance or becoming submissive. Working in isolation with the camera, borrowed clothes from her partner and her own body, Melissa’s on-going series hopes to capture certain emotional states through the body’s physicality.

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