Izye’s Dripping with confidence and talent.

Izye (is-yay)  is an L.A-by-San-Francisco singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer who finds herself in the intersection between trap, R&B, and the most luscious honey-drip pop you’ve heard all year.

Photo by @spacedvisuals

ain’t a word in the vocabulary for what you do to me

Izye’s unapologetic sensuality comes to the forefront in the form of her newest track “Drip” a song that was heavily inspired by Kehlani’s “water”.I brought the song to my producer, Kundo, and told him I wanted to make a song just like it. We made the entire beat and the song in 2 hours.” she reveals.

Photo by @onduray

The song is rather bold and upfront, taking the stance of empowerment by openly embracing sexuality and seduction, revelling in its themes of physical connection and overwhelming desire. The heat, the intensity, and the humidity get turned all the way up when this track is blasting loud.

“drip is about being so infatuated with someone physically and not being able to get enough of them. “

The first thing that jumps at you through the song is Izye’s absolutely domineering vocal performance, coming up with a strong R&B edge and mindblowing intensity, she sings like a deadly siren, hitting the sweet and sharp notes with little to no effort, and affording a huge deal of elegance and subtlety to the lyrical component. 

Photo by @spacedvisuals

The song is very minimalistic and tight from a musical standpoint, moving along gracefully and with little fanfare in its trap rhythms that aid in Izye’s racy and seductive vocals. The wet texture of its outer melodic layer is like an incessant drip, halfway between the tortuous and the hypnotic, and thoroughly on point with the themes.