J.W.O. – A Portrait Series by Niklas Förster dedicated to Berlin artist Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert

Hamburg based photographer Niklas Förster did this beautiful portrait series dedicated to our friend Berlin based photographer and artist Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert. If you know KALTBLUT you know J.W.O.´s work. We are big fans of his stunning photography since the very beginning. 

JWO_04-1 JWO_04-5 JWO_04-4 JWO_04-2

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert was born in 1991 in Prien am Chiemsee (Bavaria/Germany). After graduating from Rudolf Steiner School in Schwäbisch Hall he did various internships working in the set design department of movie productions and theaters as well as an assistant director. Simultaneously his devotion to art and photography grew rapidly and he began producing more and more artistic works. Since 2012 he attends the Ostkreuz Fotografieschule in Berlin.


In his work the artist attempts to dissect the subjects of youth, beauty and arty itself. Joseph W. Ohlert is convinced that every person has a zero point: A state were everyone is the same, stripped down of clothing and attitude.

JWO_04-9 JWO-26 JWO-21 JWO-16 JWO-11 JWO-10


An artist is inseparable from the work of art. The work of art stands on its own and should not be dependent on the artist. The artist is dead, the real artists are the viewers and consumers of art. Art is a process of contemplation and has nothing to do with the object.

– J.W.O.



Photography by Niklas Förster @Facebook / WEB
Jopseph Wolfgang Ohlert @Facebook / WEB