Jaye Whitehead : The Purity in Overexposure

Jaye Whitehead is a watercolour – gouache painter based out of Manhattan. We love her series “The Purity in Overexposure”.  There is something really innoncent about it, and in the same time something really powerful.



” Through my research painting process, I have forced myself to ask ‘where does my femininity lie? Where is the root of my confidence as a woman? If I can figure out how to be pretty, will I be “beautiful”? Does my physical appearance alone exemplify my femininity?’

By some strange mix of social conformity and my own slight obsession with the fashion industry I grew up believing that the idea of “pretty” was equivalent to goodness.

My grasps to identify with the idea of beauty and exemplify my femininity are shown through my paintings. By fragmenting and highlighting facets of physically attractive women, the original images become skewed. The ambiguity of the personal identity of the new altered women forces the viewer to question who she is and why she has been so prominently displayed.”