Jimothy Lacoste – 5 Reasons Why He’s Our Future Bae

Jimothy Lacoste (real name Timothy Gonzales) is quite the phenomenon. Not the first and certainly not the last to start making beats and tracks from the comfort of the bedroom, he subtly weaves a lo-fi DIY aesthetic to create an infectiously compelling sound. Despite the catchy hooks and delivery (rap/spoken word a la The Streets), with an added layer of playfulness in his witty lyricism and an earnestness to boot, we seem to be a little confused. What is really going on here?

Future Bae is a stellar example – on a watch and listen, you can’t help but wonder if this a joke that you just don’t get. Or are we operating on some multiple levels of meta, thus ready to self-implode as we overthink down that particular wormhole, only to realise we can no longer differentiate between sincerity and an outright piss-take? Just chill out, bro! Bringing us to the only point that matters: the genius to Jimothy being that it really doesn’t matter. He’s just out here having fun and you should too.

Yes, Jimothy is divisive but we know which camp we are in. Here’s 5 reasons why Mr Lacoste is our future bae:

1. He really cares about his mum
What can be sweeter than a son genuinely caring about his mother? We can absolutely swoon over a fella who shows an unreserved love for the woman that carried him for nine months.

2. He also really cares about you
He will accept you how you are, ‘even if you woke up with a couple little zits, even if you ain’t got huge big tits’. He will proactively look out for your health, offering up plenty of alternatives to knocking back those pills.

3. His effortless fashion
Strewn across the internets, you will find numerous nods to Jimothy’s fashion credentials (don’t take our word for it – hit up that search engine!). From high-end sportswear to a swagger to die for, is this a bona fide fashion icon in the making? We think so.

4. He lives life on the edge – literally
Performing his own stunts be it on the roof of buses or latching himself on to the back of a moving train, he seems to have given Transport for London somewhat of a panic. We all like a bit of danger in our other half. Having said that, we do not condone such behaviour from our readers! However, we can absolutely get on board (GEDDIT?!) with his ode to public transport.

5. Those dance moves
If you have come this far and not noticed this, what are you even doing here?!

As for YOUR future bae, Jimothy, look no further. We are out here.

Jimothy Lacoste is currently touring – you can catch him in Berlin on 2nd Nov.
Life is getting quite exciting.