John MacConnell

I am in love with  John’s male nudes. Surfing on the net, I just came over his Oh – so brilliant work, so it was no wonder for me to showcase his work here. John MacConnell is an artist based in New York. He is specialized in Illustration, Graphic Desing and Fine Art. If you like what you see, please go check his website.

020713-William002-MacConnell-LoRes 022813-Chris004-John-MacConnell-LoRes 022813-Chris005-John-MacConnell-LoRes 041813-Chris001-John-MacConnell-LoRes 041813-Chris002-John-MacConnell-LoRes 042513-Eric002-John-MacConnell-LoRes 042513-Eric003-John-MacConnell-LoRes 042513-Eric004-John-MacConnell-LoRes 050913-DanPaul001-John-MacConnell-LoRes 050913-DanPaul004-John-MacConnell-LoRes 050913-DanPaul005-John-MacConnell-LoRes 060213-PND-MacConnell-Zsolt002 072013-BryanSlater002-JohnMacConnell-LoRes 082013-Benjamin001-LoRes 082013-Benjamin003-LoRes 090313-Ryan001-LoRes tumblr_ni8z7hr7U11rhehezo1_1280

All images © John MacConnell.





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