Joseph Auren – ROCK THE FUTURE

A sophisticated sense of urban elegance, attachment to details and strong research of materials are the key points of this season. The collection is divided into various parts where the iconic black and white spirit characterized by Joseph Auren collections continue strongly present as the DNA of the house but at the same time leaving room for iridescent shiny and silver splashes.

Playing with geometric cuts, visual optical effects and bondage elements, Joseph Auren interprets key elements of pop-rock singer’s garments in a chic new way. The black colour highlighted by metal elements is especially used to enhance a dark and stylish mood creating a special flair with exclusive accessories playing strongly with unstructured and androgynous looks.

Strong, determined and chic!
This collection is designed for accomplished men invited to rock their future in a refined and distinguished new manliness. Dare to be, Dare to rock the future through Joseph Auren’s creations.

“That Uniform that gives the look – The look to explore the world. From the 2021s onwards these linear cuts embody the rich colour of black & white and portray the tops with elegance and sophistication. A game-changer for the interpretable look; the zip, which guaranteed the attention you need and a wonderful item that individualize the shapes.”

Fashion Designer: Joseph Auren IG @joseph_auren
Models: IG @sergioperdomoo @rubencubillas
Make-up artist / Hairstylist : IG @hartdom
Stylist: IG @farouk_chekoufi

Photographer: IG @jcjgabriel
Graphic Designer: IG @leonardovalentin1ni