Journey Through Nepal: Aïsha Devi Explores Identity in ‘Mind Era’

Aïsha Devi, the Swiss-Nepali producer and vocalist, is back with her highly anticipated album ‘Death is Home’ on Houndstooth. This album marks her first full-length release in 5 years, and it is undoubtedly her most personal and revealing work to date. Drawing inspiration from her unique sound, which she refers to as Aetherave, Devi incorporates bass-heavy club motifs and intentional aesthetic signifiers to create a mesmerising auditory experience that transcends boundaries and transports listeners to a sublime, kinetic environment.

‘Death is Home’ is more than just an album – it is a manifesto that reflects Devi’s personal evolution and ongoing quest for healing and self-discovery. Having grown up in the shadow of isolation and abuse, she has harnessed her music as a means of not only neutralising her past but also crafting a new reality that goes beyond the limits of the human condition. Along her journey, Devi uncovered a profound revelation about her father, B.K. Gurung, a Nepali drummer whom she never knew. Despite his untimely passing, she realised that his existence had already offered her a lifeline and solace, ultimately propelling her towards a deeper understanding of herself.

In her latest single, ‘Mind Era,’ Devi continues this exploration by collaborating with Nepali Indigenous artist Subash Thebe Limbu, known for his recent work at the renowned Tate Modern in London. Shot in the breathtaking Himalayan region of Nepal, the music video captures the essence of homecoming, journey, lights, rituals, and belonging. Departing from the usual touristic snapshots, the video presents a different perspective, weaving a subtle narrative that takes viewers on a fleeting, yet unforgettable experience. With the support of an exceptional production team led by Rashik Maharjan, the video was beautifully filmed across various locations such as Kathmandu valley, Bandipur, Begnas, and Pokhara.

As Devi eloquently describes, “Mind Era” symbolises an identity and initiatic journey through Nepal, exploring the traces of her father, Basant Kumar Gurung. It is a profound realisation that life and death are intertwined, reflecting the symbiotic nature of existence. “Mind Era” embodies a syncretic principle of enlightenment, offering a transformative experience that captivates the soul.

Through ‘Death is Home’ and the music video for ‘Mind Era,’ Aïsha Devi invites us to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and connection, while embracing the beauty of cultural heritage. This album is set to leave an indelible mark on the electronic music scene, solidifying Aïsha Devi as an artist who fearlessly pushes boundaries and manifests her unique artistic vision.


Death Is Home is out now: