Just Arrived

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Inma Mariscal. The model Is Marina Pérez. The stylist is Miriam Otero. Make up and hair is María Pozuelo. Brands used are Bimba y Lola, Y Project, Dior, Prada, Palomo Spain, Gant. Producer is Jaime Rodríguez.

Is digitization destroying the way we relate to each other? Are we going to stop being social beings? Where are we headed as a civilization? What are we doing to preserve our true selves?

Marina arrives from the future. A dark and dystopian time where we have ended all forms of socialization between humans. Thanks to ultra digitization —materialized in the metaverse— our species has become something cold and hermetic where it is rare for a human to see or touch someone throughout his life.

As a civilization, we have lost the battle against ourselves. We have let our most precious asset die: our social self.

Our protagonist returns to the past —our present— looking for answers. Upon landing, she doesn’t understand how he can be so different from her present; It hasn’t been that many years. There are lakes, trees, animals and plants. Surprised, she touches, feels and smells every element of the forest where she lands. It is a feeling that she has never experienced before. She’s scared, but somehow she feels indescribably good.

But Marina wants to know more. She does not settle and continues on his way looking for explanations. Little by little she realizes that she feels more and more comfortable. As she gets closer to the city, she begins to see and touch people; real people. People in flesh and blood mingle in the streets and shops.

What she sees, touches and smells awakens her most human self in Marina. Her most real self.

As the evening falls, Marina reaches the centre of the city. Among hundreds of people, she feels better than in her entire life. When the night falls, Marina enters a club. There, surrounded by people, she dances, laughs, jumps, sweats and screams. She has never felt like this.

We cannot lose the trait that makes us more human. We are social beings. Let’s keep it.

Photography by Inma Mariscal / @inmarbi
The model Is Marina Pérez / @naughtydayclub
Producer is Jaime Rodríguez / @jimirodriguez
The stylist is Miriam Otero / @oteromi__stylist
Stylist assistant is Sofía Granja @sofiagranja__
Make up and hair is María Pozuelo / @bylamari_

Brands used are Bimba y Lola, Y Project, Dior, Prada, Palomo Spain, Gant.

Instagram name of each brand:
@bimbaylola, @yproject_official, @dior, @prada, @palomospain, @gant