Just Luv Me. Photography by Cihan Bacak

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. The story of a man who is longing to be loved by someone else. He does not hesitate neither to pray nor to dance for him to show him how much he cares. Model is Ismet Koroglu. Styled by Bedirhan Tasci and Serhat Pabuccu. Photography by Cihan Bacak. Clothes by Outkastpeople. Shot in Sancaklar Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Special thanks to Julia Michaels, Cashmere Cat & Britney Spears. “Inspired by “Just Luv Me” track of Britney Spears off her last record named Glory. For me the song is like a prayer sang to the lover. It is like a sultry cry for more of a lover’s love. And I have managed to shoot that story in a jolly place with my boyfriend won is a contemporary dancer and a yoga instructor himself.” says Cihan Bacak about his editorial.

‘I’ma keep it simple, real simple Just luv me’

Photography by Cihan Bacak

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Art Direction by Ismet Koroglu and Cihan Bacak
Styled by Bedirhan Tasci @bedirhantasc & Serhat Pabuccu @serhatpab
Modelling by Ismet Koroglu @iasonist
Clothes by Outkastpeople @outkastpeople

Shot in Sancaklar Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
Special thanks to Julia Michaels, Cashmere Cat & Britney Spears