A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mauricio Dumont. Make-up by Virginia Rotunno and Mary Tutino. The brands used are AVAVAV and Maxivive. “This series, spanning 2020-2024 and captured in cities like Barcelona and Milan, encapsulates the struggles and resilience of our generation amidst global crises. Through these images, I explore the juxtaposition of curated social media personas and authentic human emotions, reflecting our collective quest for truth amidst societal pressures. Despite the adversities we face, there’s a prevailing message of unity and hope, urging us to embrace our true selves and carve our paths forward. As we navigate these turbulent times, we’re increasingly aware of the limitations of traditional institutions and the significance of individual agency in shaping our destinies. I believe that amid uncertainty, our generation possesses the strength and determination to effect positive change.” *Mauricio Dumont

Photography by Mauricio Dumont / mauriciodumont.com / Instagram: @mauriciodumont

Models are:
Anna Soka signed at 26 Models Milano / Instagram: @annasoka @26modelsmilano
Javier Sarmiento/ instagram: @javiersarmiento
Dominic Wenger/ Instagram: @dominicwenger.ch
Prime Mayamba/ Instagram: @primemyb
Armin/ Instagram: @kingkong385
Kaili Zhang / Instagram: @kailizhang_
Amanda Sarfelt / Instagram: @asarfelt
Less Lyanaa / Instagram: @lesslyanaa
Carson Heinen / Instagram: @carson.heinen
Danny / Instagram: @dannwyse
Yu / @yyushannn

Make-up by Virginia Rotunno / Instagram: @rotunnovirginia
and Mary Tutino / Instagram: @mt_makeup_

The brands used are AVAVAV @avavav and Maxivive @maxivive

Mauricio is a Belgian-Venezuelan photographer based in Milan and Brussels found his passion for photography through the sociopolitical landscape of Venezuela and his family’s artistic background. His work seamlessly blends documentary and fashion photography, offering a fresh perspective on youth, political landscapes, and the intricate connections between individuals and their pursuits. Mauricio aims to unfold visually compelling narratives that delve into the profound complexities of life, providing insightful perspectives through his lens.