KALTBLUT presents: DATAISM by Futureisnown

#FashionfilmPremiere – We are thrilled to present you DATAISM, the new Futureisnown film shot in Paris by French director Pierre Dixsaut. “DATAISM“ showcases FUTUREISNOWN’s collection by reflecting in a visual and poetical way the philosophy and concepts of the brand such as the distortion of reality, data protection and the speed of information flow constantly rising.

We’re moving into a new realm where boundaries between digital and physical blend together. The market can make a more complete picture of us that we can ourselves. It uses data to determine the age, sex, ethnicinity, sexual preferences, relationship status, political views and other characteristics of perception, behavior and needs. This market does not respect either god or man—it worships the data.

While being a fashion movie, this film offers visual metaphors of this twisted reality we live in. Body and messages are bended in a frenetic and convulsive rhythm.

Started by Russian artist and photographer Anton Bundenko in 2016, and more than just another young fashion brand, FUTUREISNOWN is an artistic project that focuses on studying modern information technologies and the self-identification of men in this new reality we live in. It aims to educate and inform, focusing on critical thinking while creating functional and/or speculative objects.

Director Pierre DIXSAUT
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