KALTBLUT Presents: Léonie Pernet + O’o | Kantine am Berghain

InFiné invites you to witness two artists, Léonie Pernet and O’o, in a concert filled with pop accents, emotional textures, and a touch of Je ne sais quoi. In their own way, the two projects each represent a hybrid and cosmopolitan French indie-electronic scene that draws its influence from the fascinating soundscape of the 2000’s British electronica labels, and uses lyrics to challenge our senses and understanding. Win tickets to the evening by sending us a mail at win@kaltblut-magainze.com.

French singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Léonie Pernet will perform live her latest album ‘Le Cirque de Consolation’: a poetic world where borders dissolve inside a unique and singular utopia. The record questions the links between pop, electronic, and neo-classical music, African cultures, and the place of the voice, whether human or synthetic.

The Barcelona-based duo O’o take their name from a now-extinct songbird once worshipped by Hawaiian kings. Their debut album “Touche” inhabits the sonic hinterland where great pop meets the avant-garde, and delectable melodies nestle gently with found sounds, musical moods, and synthy atmospheres. The band will be playing for the first time in Berlin.


What? Léonie Pernet + O’o Live
Where? Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
When? November 28th, 2022
Event info & tickets: here
Follow: @leoniepernet @ootheband