KALTBLUT Presents: Lolo Zouaï | Gretchen

French-born American R&B and pop star Lolo Zouaï performs at Gretchen on March 13th! Win tickets to her exclusive Berlin show by emailing win@kaltblut-magazine.com. Three years ago, Lolo Zouaï’s first record “High Highs to Low Lows” was released. But contrary to the title, the career of the Californian with French roots has since taken the opposite path. The singer, songwriter and producer has become a globally acclaimed pop phenomenon. Well over 250 million streams, a sold-out headline tour of 14 countries, the support slot on Dua Lipa’s American tour, share of H.E.R.’s Grammy for best R’n’B album, for which she wrote “Still Down”: Things are deservedly going great for Lolo Zouaï. But that wasn’t enough for her, she was even rather dissatisfied with herself. So it’s time for the second release, “Playgirl”, which was recently released and is once again being celebrated. 

Despite the modern and versatile pop appeal, something downright old-fashioned develops here: a concept album. The 27-year-old rolls out the red carpet into her life and tells her very own story in the vulnerable, digital, futuristic yet retro, playful and interconnected tracks: “Once I had that revelation – that my album could be like my life itself – it unlocked an entirely new outlook on making music for me.” It all started with the piece “Room”, a look into her brain. From this she developed the three parts of the record, which together make up a character and are all rooted in Zouaï’s biography: the Dreamgirl, the introspective part of the inner child; the Partygirl, who follows the very classic old R’n’B of the debut; and the Playgirl, the harder new me. It’s clear that these roles sound musically different, but also run into each other and merge. All three people make up the whole picture and make “Playgirl” a fantastic and trend-setting record, which, we dare loosely predict, will make Lolo Zouaï the coming mega-star of electronic pop. If you want to say later that you were there from the beginning, you should visit the exclusive Berlin show.

What? Lolo Zouaï 
Where? Gretchen, Berlin
When? March 13th, 2023
Event info & tickets: here
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