Kang Contemporary presents: Serendipity: Art (mostly) on Paper

Lisa Glauer, That Question, 2021, Oil on Canvas, Linocut, 180 x 240

Kang Contemporary invites you to immerse yourself in the world of serendipity at our upcoming group exhibition, “Serendipity – Art (mostly) on Paper.” Scheduled to open its doors on November 17th at 6 pm, this unique exhibition promises to be a celebration of artistic diversity and creativity, focusing on the medium of paper as a canvas for serendipitous exploration.

Diving into Serendipity

With a dedication to the conditions of emergence and the narratives of serendipity, the exhibition brings together six artists with distinct perspectives and backgrounds. Their works showcase a rich tapestry of artistic approaches to working with paper, all set against a shared production-aesthetic backdrop.

The serendipitous practice, showcased through techniques such as drawing, printmaking, collage, perforation, and paper sculpture, is revealed as a versatile means of artistic translation. The exhibition aims to highlight paper’s highly plastic nature as a material conducive to serendipitous excursions.

Katrin Von Lehmann, Kantending 3, 2022, Coloured pencils on paper, 150 × 140 cm

Serendipity in the Context of Science

In the realm of science, often described as a system that provokes significant coincidences, serendipity emerges as a mode of epistemic discoveries par excellence. From the positive impact of penicillin to the advent of nylon stockings and decalcomania, serendipity becomes a catalyst for creativity that thrives on a roundabout approach. This open-ended method allows for the construction of complex meanings based on random impulses, embodying a theory of inverse expediency. As the world increasingly digitizes, exploring serendipitous practices from an artistic perspective becomes particularly intriguing, given their unique epistemic qualities.

Vemo Hang, Schelling, 2023 Paint on Pla Sculpture, 38 × 27 × 14 cm

Kang Contemporary’s Vision

In “Serendipity – Art (mostly) on Paper,” Kang Contemporary showcases its vision of promoting and supporting a diverse group of artists. The exhibition serves as a platform for a dialogue among heterogeneous voices, diverse artistic methods, and varied perspectives. Kang positions itself as an inclusive platform where local communities with non-European perspectives, institutionally recognized and underrepresented artists, commercially successful creators, as well as ambitious newcomers and “outsiders” converge in a trans-generational and transcultural discourse.

Tatjana Schülke, Phönix II, 2022

Featured Artists and Their Inspirations

  • Vemo Hang: With a life in motion and experiences in various countries, Hang’s work reflects on the complexity of organic materiality and landscape. Her sculptural paintings embody deep structural patterns, physically spatializing and sculpturally embodying virtuality.
  • Katrin von Lehmann: Operating at the intersection of art and science, von Lehmann’s experimental arrangements in paper folding, perforation, and drawing reveal a delicate balance between scientifically exact methods and fragile artistic elements.
  • Lisa Glauer: Exploring hegemonic structures through lino prints and milk paintings, Glauer engages with disciplinary and political borderlands. Her use of contaminated human breast milk as an art material highlights intersectional global, socio-political, and environmental issues.
  • Frank Coldewey: Crafting architectural structures from fragile materials, Coldewey’s sculptures in the “Stability” series express a longing for togetherness and community, transforming fragile components into a stable unit.
  • Tatjana Schülke: Creating structures and collages based on regulative ideas, Schülke’s work is marked by lightness and fragility. Her recent work, “Undercover,” explores the painterly qualities of three-dimensional objects, evoking natural processes in both micro- and macro-biological dimensions.
  • MASCH: Following a strict out-of-the-box perspective, MASCH’s drawings and sketches, created using watercolour, coloured pencil, and graphite, encourage rambling exploration.
Masch, The Bragger, 2021, Gouache, Colour pen on paper, 25 × 20 cm

Join the Serendipitous Journey

In “Serendipity: Art (mostly) on Paper,” the high plasticity of paper aligns uniquely with the artistic varieties of serendipity. Kang Contemporary invites you to not only witness, but actively participate in the creation of new narratives within these artworks.

About Kang Contemporary

Founded in 2018 by Elizabeth Kang, Kang Contemporary focuses on contemporary art that engages cross-media, conceptual, and visually stimulating elements. Born in Seoul and based in Berlin, Kang is dedicated to fostering an inspiring exchange between artists, curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts. The gallery has been recognized with the “Galleries for Future” Prize in December 2022 for its outstanding gallery concept, acknowledging its commitment to providing a platform for diverse artists in Berlin and beyond.

Frank Coldewey, Stability 5, 2018, Mixed Media, PU Acryllack, 34 × 26 × 20 cm

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