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KINDHEARTED. by Milos Drago

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Milos Drago captured male model Karaj Pettis for us. Styled by Petar Perovic using Zara, Topman, Fashion Nova and others. Make up by Tray Damir.

pants: ZARA / jacket: TOPMAN / necklace: TOPMAN / belt: ZARA / tshirt:

pants: H&M / turtleneck: TOPMAN / denim jacket: ZARA / beanie: ZARA
boots: DR. MARTENS / jeans: FASHION NOVA MEN / blazer: PAISLEY AND

jeans: FASHION NOVA MEN / blazer: PAISLEY AND GRAY / necklace:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Milos Drago @milosdrago
ASSISTANT: Djordje Veljkovic @st.georgian
STYLIST: Petar Perovic @_richard_peterson
MUA: Tray Damir @traydamirbeauty
MODEL: Karaj Pettis @karajpettis

“I was born in Kraljevo, Serbia in 1994 and right 6 years after that my whole family moved to Italy, more precisely Cesena, where I actually grew up. I’ve been playing basketball my whole life until I turned 19 and realized that the normal school, work, home life wasn’t exactly what I was looking for so I moved to Milan where after couple of month working as a sales assistant I finally started working in the fashion industry as a model.

It was a new beginning since I didn’t know much about this business but with time it turned out that I really love what happens in here on a daily basis. After spending about 3 years in Milan and London I finally made the best decision of my life, I moved to NYC! In New York I started feeling way more confident about anything I was doing and also the people that I was meeting were pushing me to my best so I started working on my other hobbies like acting, photography and music.” *Milos Drago