Kissed by Nature! New sustainable global fashion project Ethicall

#Campaign – Ethicall is an emerging international sustainable fashion project aiming to create a balanced and sustainable environment for current and future generations. This September, the fashion start-up released its first collection.

The primary drop includes sportswear and homeware in minimalistic aesthetics from eco-sourced and innovative materials. Relaxed fit hoodies, joggers, pyjama sets, and oversized unisex T-shirts are created with TENCEL™ and 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The shade palette resembles the colours of nature and includes black, dusty pink, stone, cashmere blue, off-white, and other pastel tints.

“Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. As a father of four, I am eager to leave a better world for my children by influencing the apparel industry. With Ethicall, we aim to change people’s thinking about fashion consumption. And with this in mind, I invited Hanna Shvets, the sustainability expert, to join the team.”

  Yury Vrublevski, the Ethicall founder

“Twelve years in the fashion business inevitably led to reviewing my values, which brought me to establish the first worldwide showroom of sustainable brands in 2019 and explore the topic in-depth. In Ethicall, we can research the term sustainability from scratch, apply the best practices, and invest in profound analysis.”

– Hanna Shvets, sustainability expert

Ethicall production outsourcing facilities have proven to establish decent work conditions and pay levels. The website is also hosted on optimised, eco-friendly servers powered by renewable energy using hydropower in Germany and hydropower and wind power in Finland.

The first drop is available on