Ko Nakano

Tops&Pants by ETHOSENS

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear fashion editorial. Photography by Hironori Sakunaga. Model is Ko Nakano represented by The Face Paris. Styling by by Soichiro Kobayashi. Make up by Atsushi Kokawa. Hair by Satomi Suzuki.

Jacket by Edwina Horl

Jacket&Pants by Edwina Horl

Coat&Pants by ETHOSENS

Top by Edwina Horl

Tops&Pants by 69

Shirt&Pants by WHOWHAT

Coat&Pants by ETHOSENS

Photography by Hironori Sakunaga / www.sakunagahironori.com / Instagram: @hironorisakunaga

Fashion by Soichiro Kobayashi / soichiro-kobayashi.tumblr.com / Instagram: @mrcaliage

Make up by Atsushi Kokawa / www.atsushikokawa.com / Instagram: @atsushikokawa

Hair by Satomi Suzuki / www.satomi-suzuki.com / Instagram: @satom_

Model Ko Nakano represented by The Face Paris  / Instagram: @ko_nakano

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